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TS3500-SE Front View_edited_edited.png
  • Manual, Semiautomatic & Production

  • DC, RF, Photonics, MEMS, High Power

  • Positioners & Probe Accessories

  • RF probes, Cal Substrates, Cal Software

Focus Load Pull with MPI Probe Station
  • 0.1GHz - 110GHz coaxial, small form factor, direct mount Delta Tuners 

  • 50GHz - 330GHz Waveguide Tuners  

  • Active/Hybrid load pull

  • Noise Figure

  • High Speed Load Pull

High Performance Probe Cards
Celadon 3KV Probe Card
  • Ultra Low Noise & Low Leakage

  • Extreme Temps: -65C to 600C, 4, 77 Kelvin

  • WLR, Parametric, HV, MEMS, Cryo

  • Robust, Long Life, and Low Cost of Ownership

Coaxial and Waveguide Load Pull
RTI socket and fixture small.png
  • Innovative Test Sockets for all IC packages, WLCSP, SoC, FPGA, and Modules.   

  • For FA, Reliability, Burn-in/HAST, production and all other hand test applications.

  • Benchtop test presses & PCB test fixtures for single/multi-unit testing of complex assemblies.  

  • MultiTrace Automated Curve Tracing Test Equipment with DataTrace software tools for DC parametric test, FA, & counterfeit detection.

MPI Thermal.png
  • -100°C to +300°C capability, no LN2 or LCO2 required

  • Fast thermal cycling and high accuracy 

  • Saves up to 50% energy

  • Digitizers: 5 MS/s - 10 GS/s sampling rate with up to 4.7 GHz bandwidth

  • AWGs: 40 MS/s - 1.25 GS/s output rate and > 500 MHz bandwidth

  • Easy to use Software

  • Over 200 product variations

Photonics Testers
  • Micro & Mini LED, VCSEL, Laser, Photodiode

  • Optical Inspection 

  • Die Sortng

  • Highly Customizable Etch Recipes

  • Etches a Wide Variety of Package Types

  • Completely Chemical-free Decap

  • Eco-friendly

  • Touchscreen Interface

  • PC/Windows-based GUI

  • The Only Solution for Silver Wires

  • Etches Samples with All Wire Types

  • Small Footprint Suited for Tabletop

High Voltage Discrete Semicoductor  Tester
  • 1.2kV/1000A dynamic switch tests

  • Double-pulse inductive load and
    Diode Recovery testing up to

  • Short circuit testing up to 1700A

  • High speed and high flexibility die sorting

  • From Wafer Frame, Waffle or Gel Pack

  • To Wafer Frame, Waffle or Gel Pack, Bulk, T&R

  • Power Module Assembly & Test Solutions

  • Optics Assembly & Test Solutions

  • Laser Marking Handlers

  • AOI

yieldHUB - Test Data &Yield Manageent
yieldHUB - Test Data Analysis Software
  • Cloud (AWS) based solution implemented within days

  • Full range of NPI features, high
    volume production, Outlier Detection,
    Cleansing, Genealogy, automatic

  • Accessible from anywhere via a web browser

  • And More!

  • Ultra Low Noise & Low Leakage

  • Wide Temp Range: -65 °C to 400 °C

  • Temp Accuracy: ±0.1 °C

  • Lowest soak time, lowest CDA consumption chucks

  • Robust, Long Life, and Low Cost of Ownership

  • DeBonders: Manual & Automated

  • Warpage Adjustment

  • Delta DC & AC Power Supplies

  • High Power Bi-Directional Racks

  • Power Supply Test Systems

  • Battery Test Systems

  • Electronic Loads

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